19 February 2015

The Music Program Has Begun!


I arrived in Tanzania a few days ago and the Maasai have welcomed me into their community.  The O’Brien School for the Maasai is so well run!  It reminds me of my Catholic school days in the 80′s.  There are 400 kids in the school and our big challenge is to figure out how we can reach all the kids.

We have two teachers in the program.  Jarrod… and myself.  We go around to individual classrooms when the teachers can fit us in and have an hour and a half after school to work with about ten students each day.  The students are from 5th and 6th grade and selected by their teachers.

It is very exciting to see how quickly they pick up our teachings and are strumming their first chords already!

We will add some more pictures later on and some video of our school performance!


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Going // Chile
  1. Going // Chile
  2. Mr. Charlie // Chile
  3. Chilean Ground // D James - Chile