About Instrumental Flight

The idea to start Instrumental Flight came to me as I was carrying my guitar through Chile and Peru with the intention to give it to a deserving kid.  I found the perfect spot… this school near the Amazon jungle in Peru. The name came to me after deciding to take on the position of Music Director at the O’Brien school in Tanzania.  And the concept was born… bringing instruments to kids that needed them… all over the world.

I started Instrumental Flight to have a foundation for my different ideas and projects.  It is the hub for all of my ventures including volunteer service and creative endeavors.  My first project is a travel book, Instrumental Flight: Northern Chile, which you can pre-order soon!  It was on my travels through the Attacama desert I had the idea for my 2nd and current project, Instrumental Flight: Tanzania. I am starting a music program at the O’Brien School for the Maasai in January 2015 and teaching there for 3 months.  To get the program going I am hosting this benefit in Arcata, CA at Humbrews on August 9th.

I am headed to Tanzania in January 2015!  I have been chosen to start a music program at the O’Brien School for the Maasai.  The school started in 2007 and became registered after going through a 5 year process.  They are now officially recognized by the Tanzanian Educational Department. Learn more about the O’Brien School For The Maasai here.


Coming Up Next

Stay tuned to my site for upcoming projects;  Instrumental Flight: Peru and Instrumental Flight:  The Delta.  I can’t wait to hit the juke joints of Mississippi when I get back from Tanzania!  Please join the newsletter list and check back once we get the community and global awareness blogs going.   Be sure to visit this site again to hear my new music as my creative juices come into fruition.  I will have tracks and videos posted soon along with a book to sell.  Thank you for visiting and all of your support.  Thank you for keeping this train on the track! Thank you for helping our flights take off… and land safely.  

Enjoy this beautiful summer!

Going // Chile
  1. Going // Chile
  2. Mr. Charlie // Chile
  3. Chilean Ground // D James - Chile