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Learn more about Instrumental Flight, the O’Brien School For The Maasai and Humbrews where we’re putting on this awesome benefit to help bring music to the children of Tanzania…
Since the school opened, there has been much expansion.

In April of 2009, they added 2 doctors, 2 nurses and 400 pounds of medical supplies, an extraordinary gift to the village. All of their students were examined and treated for a variety of medical problems. Hundreds of people in the village were treated for ring worm, intestinal problems and malaria. All of the students are now covered by insurance.

They also introduced propagating seeds to the students. Thanks to their gift of water, they soon had a one acre garden filled with vegetables to provide the students with an abundance of fresh produce. They even had extra produce to share with the villagers.

In 2011 they expanded their garden, planting over 100 trees and extending the fence line.

The promise has grown. Today, the school has 7 additional classrooms, a 4,000 book library, a women’s center, and a clinic to treat the Maasai.

Now in 2014 they have finally decided to start a music department and I am in charge! I will be writing the curriculum and shipping over instruments. When I arrive in January of 2015 the equipment will be there waiting for me and it depends on you to help us get it there! Please click our link below and help with the costs involved with shipping and purchasing school supplies. We need your help!

The music program has plenty of fundraising to do and anything beyond that will go directly to the School’s next project or food and medical supplies.

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We Need Your Help!

I need the Arcata Community, to come out and support this musical project by donating instruments, cables, miscellaneous gear and anything they think we could use at the school; even pens, music sheet paper, computers…bring it to the benefit! … Or contact me directly for a pick up. Dave Klawitter 224 500 4251

We need monetary donations to facilitate the shipping cost, food and supplies at the school. Please click the Donate Button which goes directly to the O’Brien School’s account or feel free to go directly through their website and mention us.

Either way, check out the O’Brien School for the Maasai website and see who you are supporting. Lets help bring music back to that side of the globe!

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